Research Writing Services: Medical, Legal, Scientific, Technical, Technology

Mr. Reyna offers worldwide professional medical writing services to the medical, legal, scientific, technical
and technology industries. With expertise that includes research paper and proposal submissions to such
agencies as NIH, FDA and USDA, Mr. Reyna guarantees high quality services tailored to the needs of your
company. Whether your project concerns a medical communication or a proposal for a biotechnology grant,
Mr. Reyna can help you to achieve your goals.

Medical Writing Service
 •  Writing medical articles for the web
 •  Preparing research manuscripts, posters, presentations, and literature reviews
 •  Writing and fine-tuning proposals
 •  Ghostwriting medical books

Customers for Medical Writing Services include:
 •  Health publications
 •  Research institutions
 •  Pharmaceutical companies
 •  Universities
 •  Biotechnology firms
 •  Clinical research organizations

Legal Writing Services
 •  Drafting legal briefs, pleadings, motions, appeals and deposition summaries
 •  Managing your legal correspondence
 •  Writing case studies
 •  Drafting legal documents for businesses and individuals, including wills and IPR material
 •  Customers for legal writing services include law firms, attorneys, and SMEs

Technical Writing Services
 •  Writing Project Manuals and Proposals
 •  Creating Product Testing Documents
 •  Creating User Guides
 •  Drafting Technical Abstract & references
 •  Setting up Online Help Systems
 •  Creating Business Process Re-engineering Documents
 •  Creating E-learning content including books, workbooks, training modules and computer-based training
 •  Customers for Technical Writing services include software companies, manufacturers, research institutions

Scientific Writing Services
 •  Writing Proposals
 •  Writing Report Abstracts
 •  Writing Study Protocols
 •  Writing Articles for journals/websites
 •  Creating Clinical Study Reports
 •  Writing, Editing & Formatting Manuscripts
 •  Creating PowerPoint/ Flash presentations and posters
 •  Writing Literature Reviews
 •  Writing Regulatory Documentations

Customers for Scientific Writing Services include research and development institutions, manufacturers, and laboratories.

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