Ghost Writing, Scriptwriting and Editing Services

Although everyone knows how to write, not everyone is a writer. Whether you want to put down your remarkable
life story or you are a film producer who needs something on paper fast, Mr. Reyna has the background to turn a
simple idea into a compelling story.  Depending on your needs,
Mr. Reyna offers the following services:

Ghostwriting Services

Business Books
A business book is generally a “how to” format on a specific subject that you are either an expert in, or with which
you have a great deal of experience. Page counts for business books generally run from 120 to 250 pages for a
variety of marketing reasons.

Fiction, Life Stories, and Other Non-Fiction Projects
Full ghostwriting services: Give us your ideas and we’ll do the rest. We’ll take your notes, outlines, or basic
storyline and create compelling prose. You retain all the rights and get all the credit.

Editing/proofreading services: Need a keen editorial eye to review your completed novel? The publishing
world is competitive – we can help you perfect your fiction before you submit it for publication.

Research and fact-checking: Are you writing a historical romance or an edge-of-your-seat legal thriller? You’re
going to need some background information first. Our team will gather information on any topic to add a voice of
credibility to your fiction.

Consulting: Your best friend says your manuscript is the greatest thing he’s ever read. Your mom loves it. How do
you find an unbiased reader with expert opinions? Look no further. Our experienced team will review your manuscript
and offer advice and big-picture edits to help fine-tune your fiction.

We can also help you with printing and publishing via our recommended vendors.

Publishing Services

Query Letter
A query letter is a one-page letter used to pitch a book manuscript when an author hopes to be published by a conventional
publisher. This is a very important piece and must be written to convey key points about the book and the author in hopes of
persuading an agent or publisher to ask for more information. There is an art to writing a query letter correctly, and hiring a
professional who knows the publishing industry is a smart move.

Book Proposals
If a literary agent or conventional publisher likes your query letter, they may be interested enough to ask for a full proposal.
Therefore, we suggest that you have your book proposal prepared before you send your query letter. You don't want to keep
the agent waiting while you create this important document.

A book proposal is used to show details about a book and its author. Because the proposal contains the following components,
it may average between 50 to 100 pages.  

Other items in your book proposal include:

   • A market comparison that lists three to five books in the same genre and with a storyline similar to yours. We write a
comparison for why each book compares with yours and how your book can expect to compete with these selections.

   • A detailed author biography

   • An overview of the book

   • A marketing plan that details how you plan to help market your book. We will help you develop your marketing plan if
you do not already have this information available.

   • Chapter outlines that give a summary of each chapter in your book

   • Sample chapters from your book that best demonstrate your writing skills and the scope of the story.


Mr. Reyna offers the following script writing services:
   • Documentary Script Writing
   • TV Show Script Writing
   • Radio Script Writing
   • Movie Script Writing
   • Script Writing for Corporate and Social Events

These services include:
   • Book summaries (narrative synopsis) for film producers
   • Business film scripts (training and info)
   • Copyediting audiovisuals
   • Corporate product film
   • Educational/training film scripts
   • Movie novelization
   • Radio commercials/PSAs
   • Radio editorials & essays
   • Radio interviews (3 minute interview)
   • Radio stories (over 2 minutes)
   • Screenwriting (original screenplay)
   • Scripts for nontheatrical films for education, business, industry
   • TV commercials/PSAs
   • TV scripts (nontheatrical)
   • TV scripts (teleplay/MOW)

Editing Services
   • Comprehensive Editing
   • Evaluate and fix issues with plot, character or subject development, tone, voice and organization.
   • Eliminate wordiness and repetition.
   • Check spelling, grammar, punctuation. 
   • Line Editing
   • Eliminate wordiness and repetition.
   • Check spelling, grammar, punctuation. 
   • Proofreading
   • Check spelling, grammar, punctuation. 
   • Book Read
   • Receive a detailed assessment of your book's strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement.

* Additional services to be provided upon request.

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